Laura Marie Holtzmann

Laura Marie Holtzmann – A Wonderful Journey!

Her caring for her family and strong faith stand out, making her someone you can connect with easily and feel inspired by.

Laura Marie Holtzmann, born in 1968 to Joyce and Dave Meyer, is part of the Joyce Meyer Ministries. She loves her family and faith. Even though she’s not very famous, her work has a significant impact beyond what most people know.

Discover how Laura Marie Holtzmann does fantastic things in the Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Who Is Laura Marie Holtzmann? – Dive Into Her Story!

Laura Marie Holtzmann is a particular person. She was born on April 5, 1968, and is the daughter of Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer. Her mom, Joyce, talks about God and helps people. Her dad, Dave, used to work in the army. Laura is part of the Joyce Meyer Ministries, where they do good things to help others.

Who Is Laura Marie Holtzmann
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She loves her family a lot and is married to Douglas Holtzmann Sr. They have four kids together. Even though she is not very famous, like actors on TV, she is vital because she does things that improve the world. Laura’s life is about family, faith, and helping others, which makes her unique.

Why Is She Famous? – Uncover The Reasons!

Laura Marie Holtzmann might not be someone everyone knows from TV or newspapers, but she is essential in a particular group called the Joyce Meyer Ministries. This group does things to help others and talk about God.

Laura is a quiet hero because even though she’s not on TV, she works a lot to improve the world. Her family, the Meyers, believes in essential things like honesty and helping people, and Laura follows these values in her life.

Laura is like a secret superhero because she doesn’t want to be famous; she just wants to do good things quietly. This makes her unique in the world of helping others. Even though you might not see her on TV, Laura is a strong and dedicated person who cares a lot about making the world kinder and better.

Her Family Ties And Early Life – Explore Laura’s Early Years!

Laura’s life started in a loving and faith-filled family. She grew up with three siblings—David, Sandra, and Daniel. They were a close group, each one bringing something unique to the family’s dedication to faith and helping others.

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David, the oldest, became a pastor and later led the Hand of Hope Outreach, helping people in other countries. The second daughter, Sandra, became a pastor at Living Word Church. The youngest, Daniel, became the leader of U.S. Operations of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Laura’s mom, Joyce Meyer, talks about God and is famous for it. Her dad, Dave Meyer, used to work in the army. They taught Laura essential things about being a good person and helping others. This helped Laura get involved in the Joyce Meyer Ministries, doing good things for people worldwide.

Her Educational Pursuits And Beliefs – Here To Know!

  1. Laura went to a particular college in California that talks a lot about God. This helped her understand more about her beliefs and become even more sure about them. The Meyers family also played a big part in teaching her about faith.
  2. Everything she learned at school and from her family became like a map, guiding her through life. The Meyers, especially Laura, liked to help people and talk about God, and this became an essential part of their family.
  3. The Meyers’ dedication to faith means they believe in God and try to live good lives. Laura’s education and her family’s strong beliefs mixed and made her want to do things for others. This is why they are all part of the Joyce Meyer Ministries, where they work together to make the world a better and kinder place.

A Private Marriage And Parenthood – Keep Family Moments Special!

Laura values her privacy, especially when it comes to her family life. She has an extraordinary and long-lasting relationship with her husband, Douglas Holtzmann Sr. They first met in 1985 on a blind date at a pizza place and married in 1987. Together, they have four children—two sons and two daughters.

A Private Marriage And Parenthood
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Even though Laura is a grandma with many grandchildren, she chooses to keep her family life private. This means she only shares a little about it with the public. Laura and her family like having their own space and not being watched too closely. This way, they can enjoy their lives without everyone looking at them constantly.

Behind the Scenes – Laura’s Role in the Ministry!

Laura’s job is closely linked to the Joyce Meyer Ministries, where she primarily works behind the scenes. She does a lot for something called the Hand of Hope, which helps people worldwide who don’t have as much.

Even though she doesn’t like being in the public eye, what she does is essential for the ministry. Her work is like a secret superhero—helping people without everyone knowing.

The Hand of Hope is like a team in the Joyce Meyer Ministries that goes to different places to improve people’s lives. Laura is a big part of this team, even if she’s not famous like some other people.

Her work helps the ministry do good things in many parts of the world, making it a better and kinder place for everyone.

Legacy And Values Passed On – Live With Kindness!

  • Laura Marie Holtzmann’s family life is a shining example of how important it is to believe in God, help others, and keep things private. Being a wife, mom, and grandma are significant parts of her life; she does these things with a lot of meaning and dedication.
  • The Meyers, especially Laura, teach important things about love, faith, and kindness. Their legacy, or the good things they leave behind, goes beyond just money. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives and sharing good values.
  • When discussing Laura’s true wealth, we’re not discussing money or fancy things. We mean the extraordinary things she teaches her family—like how to love, have faith, and be kind.
  • The Meyers, by working together in something called the Joyce Meyer Ministries, is leaving behind a legacy that’s not just about having a lot of money. It’s about making the world a better and kinder place, touching people’s hearts, and changing lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?

Laura Marie Holtzmann is the daughter of well-known evangelist Joyce Meyer and U.S. Army veteran Dave Meyer. Born on April 5, 1968, Laura is actively involved in the Joyce Meyer Ministries and plays a vital role behind the scenes.

2. What is Laura’s role in the Joyce Meyer Ministries?

Laura predominantly works behind the scenes and contributes significantly to the Hand of Hope arm of the ministry. This reflects her commitment to extending help to the less privileged globally.

3. How does Laura value her privacy?

Laura values her privacy, especially in her personal life. She shares a profoundly private and enduring relationship with her husband, Douglas Holtzmann Sr., and defends her family life from the public eye.

4. What is Laura’s family legacy?

Laura’s family, the Meyers, exemplifies a commitment to faith, service, and privacy. Their legacy goes beyond financial figures, focusing on enduring values such as love, trust, and compassion, which they pass on to their family and contribute to through their shared commitment to the Joyce Meyer Ministries.


Laura Marie Holtzmann’s life is about believing in God, caring for family, and helping others. She quietly works for the Joyce Meyer Ministries and shares love and kindness, creating a more meaningful legacy than money.

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