5 Amenities To Look for in a Local Storage Center

Before renting a storage unit, check if it has the amenities that suit your needs. Many storage centers provide units with various amenities, including climate-controlled rooms, vehicle storage, and more.

These amenities can be beneficial when storing valuables or items that can deteriorate over time when exposed to extreme temperatures. Here are five amenities to look for in a storage center.

1. Climate-controlled Units

Climate-controlled storage is one of the most common amenities to look for in a storage center. The unit’s temperature stays within a particular range, preventing extreme heat or cold. They’re ideal for keeping metal items, wooden furniture, books, documents, wine, and electronics.

When exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, such items can develop rust, become warped, or deteriorate. Climate-controlled units are heated during the cold winter and cooled in summer. They also maintain moderate humidity levels year-round. Depending on the area’s climate, some local storage centers may offer air-cooled, heated, or humidity-controlled storage.

2. Vehicle Storage

Your car, truck, RV, or boat may occupy a considerable space in your garage or driveway when not in use. If you are dealing with limited space, find storage centers to accommodate your vehicle. Check if the storage space meets the specific needs of your vehicles. You can opt for indoor, outdoor, or covered vehicle storage.

These vehicle storage options offer varying features depending on the local climate. Indoor and covered storage suit areas with extreme weather conditions, while outdoor storage is ideal for areas with mild weather. Find a unit to preserve your vehicle’s integrity and longevity.

3. Premium Security

Most storage centers offer some form of security. Find a storage center that safeguards your items from theft, damage, or unauthorized access. Start with basic security features like ample outdoor and indoor lighting and a passcode entry system. Other security features include 24-hour video surveillance, a fenced perimeter, motion detectors, and fire suppression technology.

4. Easy Student Storage

College students can use self-storage units to keep their extra belongings in more convenient spaces. If you’re a student looking for a storage center, find one that can offer the needed services. The storage facility should be close to your college campus. It’s a cost-effective way to store excess books, sports equipment, or musical instruments when not in use. You can store items during summer vacations or your off semesters.

5. Quality Customer Service

Top-notch customer service enhances the customer experience. If you’re looking for a storage center, find one that prioritizes customer service. Its team should be available 24/7 to answer your questions. Other services to look for include discounted moving supplies, no hidden service fees, and flexible scheduling. Storage facilities offering exceptional customer service help to better satisfy client needs.

Seek Quality Amenities in Storage Centers

When finding a storage center to keep your belongings, find one with the right amenities. Whether you want to keep your vehicles, furniture, books, or electronics, amenities help improve your storage experience. Choose a storage center with top-tier amenities today to meet your storage needs.

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