5 Activities To Avoid After Getting a Hair Tattoo

5 Activities To Avoid After Getting a Hair Tattoo

Scalp micropigmentation treatments give clients the appearance of a buzzed hairstyle to camouflage hair loss. You can maintain the vibrancy of your new scalp tattoo by following your micropigmentation artist’s aftercare precautions. These include avoiding shampoo and intense physical activities immediately after treatment. Here are some of the activities to consider stopping to maintain the health and appearance of your hair tattoo:

1. Sweating and Physical Activity

Take at least five days off from intense physical activities after getting your hair tattoo to prevent excess sweating that causes a buildup of bacteria on the scalp and slows down the tattoo’s healing process. Sweating immediately after treatment may also cause the pigment to fade prematurely.

Postponing activities like training at the gym, completing house or yard work, and spending time in hot environments helps prevent excess sweating during the four-to-five-day recovery period. Stay out of chlorinated swimming pools for a month after treatment to protect your scalp tattoo’s pigment from potential discoloration. 

2. Touching the Treated Area 

Immediately after getting a scalp tattoo, you may notice some mild redness or scabbing over the treatment area. This should subside after a few days of following the proper cleaning techniques suggested by your micropigmentation artist.

Avoid excessively touching the tender skin of your scalp time to enable it to heal naturally and prevent further irritation or inflammation. If you experience an itching sensation after your treatment, your artist may recommend applying a soothing ointment to keep you from scratching the new tattoo.

Reducing how often you touch your scalp helps prevent the spread of bacteria from your hands to the tattoo, encouraging the healing process.

3. Using Shampoo or Shaving

Avoid shampooing your scalp immediately after treatment to prevent the pigment from fading before the tattoo has healed. Stop shaving your head after your micropigmentation session to protect your scalp from irritation.

Your artist may also ask you not to scrub the treated area while in the shower to maintain the health of the sensitive skin.

These precautions protect the new scalp tattoo from harsh chemicals and physical damage. You can start shaving and using a mild shampoo on your scalp five days after your tattoo session.

4. Exposing the Tattoo to Sunlight

Protect your new tattoo from direct sunlight to prevent potential pigment fading. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun within the first weeks after treatment. Limit your use of tanning beds for a month after your last scalp micropigmentation session.

If you are going outdoors, wear a loose-fitting hat or apply a high-SPF sunscreen to your new tattoo to protect it from getting sunburned. Follow these precautions for the first month after you get a scalp tattoo to protect your scalp from harmful UV rays.

5. Wearing Tight Headwear 

To prevent irritating or restricting blood flow to the treatment area, do not wear tight head wraps or scarves immediately after micropigmentation. You can wear loose-fitting accessories to protect your scalp from UV rays.

This also helps prevent the buildup of sweat on the scalp. You can start wearing tight hats and headbands again a month after undergoing scalp micropigmentation.

Consider a Hair Tattoo as a Hair Loss Solution

Scalp micropigmentation conceals scars, camouflages thinning hair, and gives clients the appearance of a close-shaved head. This treatment requires several sessions to achieve effective results. The results of scalp micropigmentation last up to five years when you care for your tattoo appropriately.

Contact a reputable scalp tattoo artist today to schedule a consultation, determine whether you are a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation, and learn more about caring for a new hair tattoo.

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