3 Items to Keep In Stock for Vacation Rental Supplies

Stocking up on supplies that cater to your vacation rental guests’ needs is necessary for creating a comfortable experience for them. From plush towels to high-quality bedding, every detail contributes to guest satisfaction. Here are a few must-have vacation rental supplies to stock in your guest house:

1. Bathroom Towels

When buying vacation rental supplies, invest in plush bath towels that are highly absorbent and gentle on the skin. You can buy bath towels in colors that match your bathroom décor for an aesthetic effect. Invest in large bath towels that fit children and adults, and stock up in bulk to avoid running out of towels.

Besides bath towels, equip your bathrooms with hand towels and washcloths. Look for suppliers that sell matching sets of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths for an aesthetic effect.

Choose bathroom towels with double-stitched edges to minimize the risk of fraying over time. Provide beach towels if your vacation rental is near a beach or pool. Get durable, quick-drying, and large beach towels for guests to lounge on the sand or by the poolside comfortably.

2. Bedding and Blankets

The right bedding can help your guests feel more comfortable when sleeping. Invest in high-quality bed sheets with breathable fabric to keep your guests cool on hot nights. Buy hypoallergenic options like eucalyptus Tencel sheets for guests with sensitive skin.

High thread count sheets are smooth and gentle on the skin, helping them feel more comfortable to sleep on. Provide a variety of pillows and pillowcases to accommodate different sleeping preferences, including soft, firm, and hypoallergenic options.

Keep a selection of blankets and comforters available to keep guests warm and cozy, regardless of the season. Get enough throw blankets for your guests to use while lounging around the vacation rental. Buy warm bed blankets for the colder seasons and lighter ones for hot nights.

Make these two options readily available in the guest bedrooms so guests can switch blankets according to preference. Buy mattress pads for all the beds to keep your mattresses from wearing out faster and give guests extra cushioning.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Keep cleaning supplies like cleaning cloths, mops, and rags readily available for your guests to wipe down messes quickly. Regularly inspect and restock these items to help your guests keep the house clean during the rental period.

Stock up on highly absorbent and streak-free cleaning cloths like microfiber and plush terry cotton for effective cleaning.

You can save money by buying cleaning cloths in bulk. Invest in microfiber flat mops with foam filling for better absorbency. When purchasing cleaning cloths and mops, search for materials that resist mold and mildew growth.

Stock Up on Vacation Rental Supplies

Stocking up on vacation rental supplies like bathroom towels, bedding, and cleaning supplies equips your facility to meet your guests’ needs. When buying these supplies, bedding, and bathroom towels, you want comfortable, high-quality options that can withstand frequent use and laundering. For cleaning supplies, look for absorbency and durability. Get your rental supplies in bulk to save money and keep your rental guest ready.

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