Angie-Faith – A Tale of Talent!

Her performances left a lasting impression on me, showcasing a unique mix of talent and charm. I admire her commitment to privacy and professionalism, making her a truly inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.

Angie-Faith, born on February 10, 2000, is a Uruguayan actress and model famous for captivating performances and a commitment to privacy, solidifying her as a rising star.

Let’s explore her life with us.

Who Is Angie Faith – Experience Elegance!

Angie Faith is an American actress and model known for her captivating performances. Born on February 10, 2000, in the United States, Angie is more than just a talented individual; she carries an air of mystery and allure that adds to her unique personality.

Angie Faith holds Uruguayan nationality and is also known by the stage name “Angie Chatur.” Stepping into the entertainment industry, Angie debuted in 2022, quickly gaining recognition for her exceptional talents.

Who Is Angie Faith
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Despite her mysterious early years, she has become a notable figure, working with famous personalities like Gabbie Carter and Lexi Lore. With her versatile skills and a touch of mystery, Angie Faith has made her mark in the entertainment world, leaving audiences intrigued and impressed.


Angie Faith’s Family Information – Stay Tuned!

Rooted deeply in Caucasian heritage, Angie Faith’s ethnicity contributes to the complexity of her fascinating identity. This connection to her cultural background brings depth and layers to her intriguing persona.

The influences of her Caucasian heritage are evident in various aspects of her life, shaping the unique qualities that make up her identity. Angie’s roots add an extra dimension to her overall character, enriching the narrative of her life with cultural significance and diversity.

This aspect of her identity, firmly tied to her heritage, enhances the richness of Angie Faith’s captivating and enigmatic persona. Despite ascending to a prominent status, Angie Faith maintains a high level of privacy concerning her personal life.

Specifics regarding her family, such as her parents and siblings, are conscientiously shielded from public view. Angie Faith’s commitment to preserving her personal space stands out in her rising stardom, underscoring her intentional choice to navigate fame with discretion.

Appearance – A Mesmerizing Presence!

HeightApproximately 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters)
WeightAround 137 pounds (62 kg)
Eye ColorEnchanting blue
Hair ColorShiny blonde
Body Measurements34D-24-34
Notable FeaturesStriking blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, perfect mix of grace and charm
IndustryModeling and entertainment


Career – Explore Angie Faith’s Journey!

Angie always loved movies and modeling, even when she was young. After she finished studying in 2022, she joined the AV industry and did many modeling photo sessions. 

Because of her hard work and skills, she worked with well-known actors like Jaye Summers and Tommie Jo. This made her career even better and more successful. Angie’s journey in the entertainment world is a whole of hard work and success.

Angie-Faith Career

In 2023, Angie started her job in acting and modeling. It was the beginning of her career, and she quickly became famous. Angie’s presence in TV ads and favorite magazines caught everyone’s attention, putting her in the spotlight she deserved.

During her best time in acting, Angie worked with important actors like Dzhili and Yenifer Chacon. These collaborations not only showed how talented she is but also made her even more famous. It made people notice and see her as vital in the entertainment world.

Angie’s Marital Status – Stay Updated!

When it comes to personal relationships, Angie Faith is a bit mysterious. She is strongly committed to keeping her romantic life private and doesn’t share much about it. According to the latest information, she is single, which means she’s not in a romantic relationship. 

Angie prefers to keep the details of her personal life away from the public eye, showing her determination to keep things private and not let everyone know about her relationships. This way, she can navigate the complexities of personal connections without the public’s attention.

Hobbies And Personal Interests – Discover Angie Faith’s World!

Angie has many hobbies outside her work that give us a peek into her diverse personality. She loves gardening; she finds happiness in caring for plants and making them grow. Angie also enjoys music and listens to different types that connect with her. 

Dancing is another thing she’s good at, often expressing herself through moving to the rhythm. Angie is versatile; she can also play the piano, showing off her creative and artistic side. She also likes reading, hiking, and taking pictures in her free time.

She enjoys exploring new places and travels whenever she can.Besides her work in movies and modeling, Angie is also interested in technology.

She keeps up with the newest gadgets and is active on social media, sharing bits of her life with others. So, besides being creative in her job, she has fun doing things she loves and stays connected with others through technology.

Net Worth Of Angie Faith – Discover Success!

Angie Faith’s estimated net worth is around $111,000. While this may seem modest compared to Hollywood stars, it’s essential to know that the kind of work she does doesn’t always bring in high salaries.

Despite this, Angie has made a name for herself and accumulated a respectable net worth over her career. It’s a significant achievement, considering the challenges in her field. In the entertainment world, earnings vary, and only some make Hollywood-sized incomes.

Net Worth Of Angie Faith
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Angie’s success, however, showcases her talent and dedication. Managing to build a substantial net worth reflects not just financial accomplishment but also the recognition and support she has garnered in her chosen field.

It’s a testament to her hard work and the impact she has made in the entertainment industry.


1. How did Angie Faith transition from the AV industry to mainstream acting and modeling?

Angie Faith transitioned by gaining recognition in the AV industry in 2022, collaborating with well-known actors. In 2023, she shifted to mainstream acting and modeling, succeeding in TV ads and renowned magazines.

2. Is there information about Angie Faith’s family?

Angie Faith maintains privacy about her family. Specific details about her parents and siblings are intentionally shielded from public view.

3. What are your favorite clothing brands of Angie Faith?

Angie Faith has a taste for luxury fashion, favoring brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Versace in her wardrobe choices. These high-end labels reflect her style preferences and appreciation for quality.

4. Is Angie Faith currently dating someone? 

As of the most recent information, Angie Faith is single and keeps details about her romantic life private. 


Angie Faith is more than just an actress and model; she has many talents and a bit of mystery. Her private and professional approach keeps people intrigued. She’s becoming a star to watch in the exciting entertainment world.

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