7 Tips for Hiring Solar Pros in Everett, WA

7 Tips for Hiring Solar Pros in Everett, WA

Finding the most cost-effective options to power and run your household is essential when you become a homeowner. The eight percent of homeowners in the United States with solar panel installations are an excellent example of saving money with a clean energy system. If you’re ready to combat rising energy costs, solar companies in Washington are equipped to help.

Hiring solar pros is the best way to install your solar energy system at your Washington home. The solar installation will account for sunlight and location to power your household needs.

The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about Everett solar companies and the tips to make a proper hire. Continue reading to find your new solar company today!

Request a Home Visit

The internet is an excellent resource to find local solar companies to install your solar panels and inverter. Having a contractor visit your home will help you learn about the project’s feasibility. You’ll also better understand the contractor’s working style before hiring.

The contractor will have enough information to provide insight into the costs associated with the upgrade and the timeline from beginning to end. Don’t feel pressured to sign a contract with the visiting contractor. Meet with several providers before deciding for your Everett, Washington, household.

Compare Costs

It’s a good rule of thumb to get quotes from three to four solar companies in Washington when narrowing your options for a home solar system. Each quote provides a new data point to determine the best equipment and labor deal. Compare the offers and find the best combination of price and value.

The installation costs are another area of concern when comparing your options. If the quote offers a much lower rate than their competitors, it’s a red flag. It could indicate that the solar company uses lower-grade parts for your new installation.

Look for an installer that allows for solar panel financing. You’ll ensure you can afford your panels without breaking your savings account. It’s the best way to move closer to powering your home with clean energy.

Verify Accreditation

Another thing to research when comparing Everett solar companies is licensing and accreditation. You want to hire a solar company with licensed technicians to ensure safety and quality installation at your home. The requirements for licenses and certification vary from state to state, so it’s vital to confirm your favorite solar company is licensed.

Talk to the contractor to confirm they have the necessary paperwork to proceed with the installation. You can also check with your local Chamber of Commerce to determine if the installer is affiliated with them. Your research will confirm if they carry general liability insurance.

Consider asking about the warranty when you’re comparing solar companies in Everett. The best solar providers ensure quality with the equipment and installation process. Look for a company that uses solar panels with a 15 to 20-year¬†warranty for peace of mind.

Read the Reviews

Reading online reviews is among the most effective ways to help you find the solar pros for your home’s energy needs. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are all fantastic resources you can use to research your options.

Google reviews are the most prevalent, and you can read them to determine if the installer meets your needs. The reviews provide more in-depth insight into the quality of the service and products.

Reviews are also valuable because they provide first-hand insights from other customers. Their insights will show you what working with solar installers is like.

Avoid judging a contractor or solar company from one negative review. Look for trends with comments to determine if you’ve found the solar pros for your energy needs for custom solar power solutions.

Talk With Friends and Family

In addition to using reviews, friends, and family are remarkable resources when preparing to install solar panels at your home. Ask for their opinions and knowledge on solar panels and pros in your area. Find out which contractor they used and if they’re happy with their decision.

You’ll get a chance to inspect the work the solar installation company did before committing. It’s another effective way to narrow your options and find the solar pros to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Check the Experience

Hiring a solar installation company with years of experience is worthwhile to ensure a quality installation that will not fail. You want a contractor with well-rounded skills and years of experience installing solar panels.

The solar industry has grown rapidly, opening the door for new companies to open and provide services. Do research to find the brands with the most years of experience.

Ask questions to determine the contractor’s experience level with solar panels. It’s the ideal time to ask about the types of installations you can use at your home.

Ask About Customer Support

When you work with Everett solar companies, you must ensure you have the best customer support when you need it most. A friendly customer support agent on your side makes installing and running solar panels a breeze.

You can’t predict when a problem will occur with your solar panels. Having an expert a call away should something go wrong is an impressive safety blanket.

Look for a service with customer support on weekends and weekdays. The best solar companies in Everett will have customer support agents willing and able to help daily. Research your options for the best solar pros for customer support and installation quality.

Hire the Solar Pros for Your Installation

Working with the solar pros is the best way to save money on your electric bill while helping the environment. Combine references from friends and family with online customer reviews to narrow your search. Contact each solar company for a quote to compare your options, and look at the warranty coverage offered by all brands for peace of mind.

Solar panels are a fantastic way to add the latest tech to your home. Read our Real Estate and Tech content for more tips to add value to your house today!

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